Course Description

Cost of $250/couple* includes access to lending library, online support and a reunion class.  Also, each week a snack is provided that reinforces our discussion of prenatal nutrition.


Birth is a rite of passage, not a medical event, even when medical support is part of the journey.  My approach to childbirth education reflects my faith in the wisdom of women’s bodies and babies.  Beyond understanding the physiology of birth, couples will:

  • Learn mindfulness practices rooted in the faith that your body knows how to breathe, and it knows how to birth;
  • Practice a variety of positions and techniques to relieve the intensity of labor and to help the birth progress;
  • Recognize partners as guardians of the birth, who will foster a safe environment and marshal support for your intentions from birth attendants;
  • Understand wise and compassionate use of medical support, and how to maintain connection with your body and your baby in any circumstance;
  • Create birth art, allowing your minds to wander down paths you may not otherwise consider; and
  • Prepare for your first steps into parenthood.

To learn more about this class and read what other parents have said, check-out this post.

*Don’t let cost be an obstacle.  Ask about my sliding scale and payment plans.

§ 4 Responses to Course Description

  • Leeanna Varga says:

    When does the next course begin? Or can you join at any time?

    When do you recommend taking the course? I’m in my fifth month.


    • The next course begins Saturday, 7/30. We’ll meet from 10-12 for 6 weeks at Full Circle ( in White Plains. Each class builds upon the previous one, so it’s important to begin at the beginning. I think the 2nd trimester is a perfect time to take the course. Breathing practices will grow more natural with time so you can draw on them easily during labor. And during the course many people discover there are things they want to do, read, or change before the birth, and that may take time.

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  • Jamie Barber says:

    Hello My name is Jamie Barber and I am a Doula in Training. I’m looking specifically for a BFW class to observe for my ongoing learning (and for my doula certification requirements). Do you let people sit it? I’m happy to help out in someway–bringing food or helping to set up etc as “payment” for letting me sit through the class. Can you let me know if you have a policy on this?

    Thank-you so much for the information.

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