Rockin’ & Swayin’

December 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes birth is quiet.  Always birth is moving.

I’ve recently become aware that any time I meditate, go within, let go of deliberate thought, or just even consider doing these things, I rock and sway.  I’ve also discovered I breathe in a rhythmic pattern that reinforces my rocking.  And my heart beats in concert with my breath and sway.

In recent years my family and I have begun attending Quaker meetings each week.  After many months of sitting together quietly listening for a voice within, my husband called to my attention that I rock for our entire hour of silent worship.  Though I knew I sometimes rocked, I hadn’t realized it in this context.

I don’t know if I did this as a child.  I know rocking is a common way for girls to soothe themselves.  I noticed I was even doing it while simply rereading a draft of this post.

When I gave birth, I wasn’t so keenly aware of this behavior of mine.  I probably rocked for many of those hours.  I wonder if my husband, doula and midwives noticed.  Did they recognize this concert of breath, sway and beats was an outward expression of internal quieting, coping, and opening?


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